Thursday, January 14, 2010

Friday, September 25, 2009


Since I know that all of you, like me, have friends on the "bash Obamacare" side of this issue, I have come up with what I feel is a lock-down, unassailable argument for incorporating a public option into our national health care reform. Those who claim "socialism" may be able to say things like, "I would be willing to give up Social Security or Medicare" because they are govt. run, but let's see them talk their way out of this one.
Our government already features a "public option" in another extremely important societal domain. While it may not be perfect, most Americans take advantage of this "public option," and despite the fact that it is completely funded by taxpayer money, it must function according to both federal and state mandates and regulations, and if there is failure to meet government standards, funding can be cut, sanctions can be levied, and reorganization can be mandated, up to and including complete bureaucratic takeover, I have never heard anyone denounce it as "socialist." Nor has it done anything to harm or discourage private competition. There are private institutions that function within this domain, and they do just fine, and they provide a high-quality option for those that can afford the cost. For those who cannot, the "public option" provides a quality alternative to millions of Americans, who have for generations benefited greatly from its existence.
I am of course speaking of the United States education system. The "public option" may not be perfect, but we all seemed to do just fine with it, as have millions of other Americans, many of whom are certain to be among those railing against our President and his health care agenda. Perhaps it should be pointed out to these people that, along with giving up SS & Medicare, unless they are willing to pull their children out of public schools, renounce any degrees they may have earned from any public education institution, at any level, and re-educate themselves and their children through private schools & universities, they should shut their _______ mouths about wanting to deny millions of Americans the same opportunities for obtaining quality health care as already exist for obtaining quality education.
But that's just my opinion.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Random Thoughts

The Texas Legislature has passed a law that will allow student, faculty, and staff to carry concealed weapons with a permit. Like some wacko couldn't pass the the test to get the permit. Leave it to Texas. Your thoughts. Do you find this as disturbing as I do.

Swine flu scare. A little overblown. My auctions canceled. I didn't have much of a life before but now I have no life and play stupid farm games on Facebook all day. Thank goodness it is almost June and I will have work again.

Speaking on June. Medicare June 1st. Hurray for me. I can go to the doctor again.

And last but not least. A heartfelt thank you to Anna from Diary of an Eccentric for her book giveaways. I won The Girl Who Stopped Swimming by Joshilyn Jackson. Check out Anna's current blog as she is having another giveaway for the book Mating Rituals of the North American WASP by Lauren Lipton

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

El Paso's Future

I am a very proud mother right now. My son Andy happens to be one of the teachers who has helped to inspire these young people. These young people inspire me. Just imagine having your Associates Degree before your High School Diploma. Some of them can even build robots. Way to go kids!!

Sunday, May 10, 2009


I am not going to tell you how old you are...I will just say next year you will get a poem.
Have a wonderful Birthday. Enjoy the ITouch knowing I am really jealous. Neil and I love you very much and are happy you are a member of our family. You make nice babies too!!!

Sunday, March 29, 2009


I want to wish my baby boy a very Happy Birthday. 41...that makes me really old. I want you to know that you bring me great pride and joy. I am glad you are going to be around to take care of me in my dotage. Too bad we are both so bad at picking a winner.... Have a wonderful day off work and enjoy Red Lobster.

He always was cute when sleeping


Sunday, March 22, 2009

Robot Wars---Final Chapter

MECHS Phoenix Flame Force Team
Teachers Andy (left) Mrs. Cuvelier(right)
Notice the cool t-shirts

The robot wars are over much to the delight of son Andy. Not that he didn't enjoy working with this group of very smart, intelligent young people.

The purpose of this competition was to keep balls out of your robots trailer while putting balls into your opponents trailer and to deliver balls to your corner man. There were 60 teams, each with all teenagers who built their robots with the help of teachers, parents and mentors. It was obvious seeing some of these robots that some teams had much better mentors then Andy's kids.

The bus loaded with kids from MECHS and NECHS
That would be Mission Early College High School and
Northwest Early College High School from Canutillo, TX
Notice the RV bringing up the rear.

The arena, very slick surface. There are 6 trailers, 3 blue and 3 red. Three teams are put together to act together as the red team or the blue team. There is also 1 person from each team along the side lines. Their job is to throw balls into the trailers.

Inspection. There were a lot of rules that had to be followed. They are very safety conscious hence the big safety glasses covering the smiling face of Crystal.

The Blue team discussing strategy.

Our little Phoenix. Poor little guy never left the starting gate. A glitch in the programing left us pretty much at stand still for the first couple of rounds. Very frustrating for the team.

This was the part I found the most inspiring. See the young ladies in the red and blue shirts. They are from other teams. Everyone was pitching in trying to find out what the problem was and to get things moving. What a great bunch of young people.

This was the last day of competition. Notice all the tired sleeping kids in the stands.
Poor things didn't get much sleep. Yes that is my Katie and Matty sitting with Neil.

Our baby in action.

This is the winning robot. You can see how much more elaborate this baby is. This team has been doing this competition for 17 years and has 17 engineers as mentors. They are also the World Champions from last year. We came in 22nd out of 60 so not too bad for the first time out. The team learned so much from watching the other robots and talking with other teams. Next year watch out. Instead of an auctioneer as a mentor we will hunt high and low for an engineer.