Wednesday, September 19, 2007

The Good and the Bad

First the bad. Sasuke was on in Japan Last night. This morning I was totally bummed to learn that none of the All-stars made it through the first stage. To me it shows the course was just toooo hard. Actually 2 out of 100 people made it but couldn't finish the second stage. Oh well I still consider Nagano-san my guy (after Neil of course). Even though he didn't make it this time he is still my inspiration. Knowing his record, he will do it next time. He doesn't usually miss an obstacle more than once.

Now the good news. I got my poster today and Nagano-san loves me. It says so. See below.


Jeannie said...

Wow! I cannot wait to get mine. That is so cool! Big thanks to Cuteyhoney for that one!!!

BTW- Makoto Nagano loves you! (High-pitch girly squeal)

Some Kinda Wonderful said...

Another high-pitched girly squeal from me, plus a giggle.
I can almost understand now, having fallen completely under Nagano-san's spell, how girls could faint and/or wet their pants over Elvis or the Beatles. Until Nagano-san, no one ever had that effect on me.
I'll be on pins and needles, now, until my poster arrives.
Woohoo pam! I'm so happy for you!

pamwax said...

Girly squeal here too. All day. If it wasn't for the Sasuke results this would have been a perfect day. And I agree, f all my past poster boys this one is different. He is special. Wait till you see the picture. It is very sexy, at least to me.

davwax said...

This is very disturbing for me. Just so you know, I will be blocking the G4 network in late October.

Chris said...

That's very cool, Pamwax! I know you're thrilled to have your poster. I'm hoping mine comes today, although I have to wonder if Cuteyhoney also had him sign mine with "love." Hopefully, she remembered I'm a male fan. ;-)


pamwax said...

Davy it is a good thing you are my baby boy and I love you dearly. But I might forget to bring the GPS with me in October. Go ahead and block G4 I have all the episodes on DVR. So all my other friends know Davwax is actually a very special person.

Chris, don't worry. If yours says love it is brotherly love from one athlete to another.