Saturday, November 3, 2007


Kiki and friends at the big 9th birthday party.
Kiki's daddy is sooo funny!!
(Kiki dark hair in pink)

Peyton and Kiki

Uncle Andy and Daddy David being kids again.
Oh wait they always have been!

Matty!! Girls yuck!! I want a laptop too!!
I think everyone had a great time at Kiki's Birthday today. She got a laptop from Uncle Andy and lots of Webkins from everyone else. Of course the laptop was the big hit. I think Matty was the only one who wasn't that happy. Too many girls and it's hard to see someone else get all the presents when you are only 6. He wants a laptop. I keep telling him that as soon as grandpa buys grandma a new laptop he can have my old one. Come on grandpa make grandma and Matty happy.


Jeannie said...

Happy Birthday Kiki!

davwax said...

That's all I need, another computer in the house.