Tuesday, January 29, 2008


I went to Kohl's to look at food processors. I decided since they were having a big sale (when are they not) and it was senior discount day I would look at clothes. I have to tell you clothes today are ugly. Back in the 60s the high waist blouses looked kind of cute on me. Now I look like a pregnant old person and old people are not suppose to be pregnant. The days of age appropriate clothes are over.

I shop for my 9 year old granddaughter and the clothes look like they are for a 25 year old hooker. I shop for my old slightly round self and the clothes look like they are for a 25 year old hooker. When a shirt says it is XL I expect it to not show every bulge I have. If that is what I wanted I would but a medium. Also some things should be against the law. I was shopping at Ross about a year ago for a pair of slacks. OK I will just say it, at that time I was a size 18. On the rack was a pair of hot pink short low waisted shorts. Just about 5 inches of fabric. Hot pink short shorts should not come in a size 18.

My other thought...Why do people go downtown and stand in line to pay there property taxes at the very last minute. You can put them in the mail a couple days early like I did and they will get there on time.

Why are Mexican police and military allowed to cross our border (happened over 200 times last year) and you don't hear much about it, but let one of our police chase someone the other direction and it becomes a big deal.

Why can't people put their shopping carts in the cart return that is 5 feet away instead on into the side of my car.

Last but not least, in our paper..."I want to hear how President Bush plans on ending the war properly". How do you end a war properly especially when it wasn't started properly.

Have a nice day all!


Some Kinda Wonderful said...

Great post, Pam. I couldn't agree more. I've been out shopping for clothes since summer of last year and I haven't found anything yet that I liked well enough to buy. I just keep taking in my old stuff. I keep hoping the styles will change, but so far... no luck.
I laughed out loud about the pink shorts. I think I saw the hot pink shorts in my Ross, too. Haven't been back since.

tricia said...

I agree about the clothes. I'm not 22 anymore and don't want to dress like that again. Don't want to dress like Granny but don't don't want everything cut up and down my ying yang (as my mother says). It's so hard to find anything now that isn't too expensive, too inappropriate and just plain yuck. Have you noticed that v-neck shirts just keep getting lower? I don't want to flash everyone just because I wear one. I have to wear dress clothes to work so I stay with a uniform of black or blue pants, jacket or sweater and usually a print shirt.

I just need to go to Dallas (have a sister there) and shop. There's so much more there than in Little Rock.

pamwax said...

I go to Dallas 4 times a year. Actually I go to Flower Mound which is north of Big D. My grandkids are there. I do love the shopping and the restaurants. We will be there around Easter. Let me know if you are in the area. When I go I get to hook up with KarnoDal who posts on our site when he is not busy.

Some Kinda Wonderful said...

Your post just made me howl! I have seen those hot pink shorts and you are so right. I looked at them and wondered what size 18 woman in her right mind would buy them. I guess some did. Scary thought.
When I lived in Dallas I worked part time in a plus size shop. You would not believe the number of size 22 women who would come in and try to squeeze themselves into a size 18 pants. Can't tell you how many jeans we had to send back with broken buttons and busted zippers. I never could understand it. I didn't like my jeans that tight even back when I had the figure to wear them that way.

tricia said...

I'd like to plan a trip before the new judge comes on board. Right now I'm in court almost the whole month of March with other judges but hopefully at least one of those trials will go away. I'll start saving money (and pray the IRS will get my refund out quickly this year). I'll let you know when I can get away.

Jeannie said...

I don't think people should make hot pink short low waisted shorts in any size. Blah!