Sunday, October 26, 2008


Tonight we did the annual Lee Moor Children's Home Operation Pumpkin auction. We had a great deal of fun and Neil's superb auction skills netted $15,000 for the kids. Can you believe people would pay that much for pumpkins.

The event was held at a very upscale restaurant. Average meal for 2 is around $150. Obviously Neil and I will never eat there. It turns out the chef is one of the boys who played baseball and went to school with my kids. It was fun to see him again after so many years. He actually spent several years as a chef in Las Vegas and also Tokyo. I asked him if he had ever been to Muscle Park but he hadn't even heard about it. He did know Sasuke though so that is to his favor. BTW he is an excellent chef. The food was great and the pumpkin roll was to die for.

We went to the event with Ed and June, June's daughter Justina and her husband Butch and Tim who works for us at our auctions.

Neil and his neice Renee CEO of Lee Moor Children's Home

Skeleton: Poor Pammy! She obviously hasn't seen the inside of a beauty shop lately
Pammy: It is not my fault. Carol canceled my appointment yesterday.

Neil doing his thing.

Tim and Ed doing their thing. Pointing at pumpkins.

My VBF June and that is Justina behind her.

Cinderella and her carriage. Top money getter $1700

Isn't he cute. This is my doctor Dr. Annabi.

This is Dr. Annabi's pumpkin. He switched name cards with Dr. Masel. Something to do with egos. He bid on his own pumpkin.

Now This is Dr Macel. He is the premier Neuro Surgeon in El Paso. Just ask him.
He will probably operate on Neil's back some day.

Dr Macel's Pumpkin, Second highest price $1600. Sorry Doc. you weren't #1 this year.

How about a hamburger?

In case you can't read the sign. This is how you look when under anesthesia.

Snowman Pumpkin

This was done by the Chef.

The Mouse House

Lots of animal pumpkins done by a vet and her staff.

There was also a silent auction and a raffle. I tried very hard to win the ruby and diamond earrings but Neil's sister outbid me. Oh well she got out bid herself. Of course the doctors and lawyers that go to this thing buy alot more raffle tickets then I do so their names get drawn a bunch. June and I really wanted the pearl and diamond necklace because it is our birthstone. I was a winner but not the necklace. Below is my prize.

See how dark my house is. This poor thing came to the wrong house.


Jeannie said...

Congratulations on raising so much money! Neil can sell a bikini to an eskimo! And look at you all dolled up. Pretty lady!

What great pumpkins! I'm quite fond of the bear one, but the mouse house is really cute too. They're all very nice really.

You won a beautiful prize. Raise it big and strong and think of all of the little kids you were able to help tonight.

Thank you for giving so much of yourself. Love you!

pamwax said...

The plant is pretty but I think my Neil is part vampire. Keeps all the curtains closed so no one can see in. Sunlight can't get in either.

Arsenette said...

Looks like you had a great time! Very interesting pumpkin designs! Thanks for all the great pictures! BTW you look great :D

chaki said...

Funny how surgeons are great carvers. Makes sense though. I find carving too difficult, would lose a fingertip or two. They don't have pumpkins in Japan, just squash. A couple of years ago, I got a former vet friend to carve up some melons! We lit them up too. May do it again this year. Definitely try the dry ice effect though. What a fun way to make money for charity!

pamwax said...

Believe me Chaki when I say these Doctors take their pumpkin carving very serious. There were 15 pumpkins and some were not quite so elaborate.

I have carved a few pumpkins in my day but they were very simple and not very good.

Anna said...

That is a lot of money for pumpkins, but I'm glad you were about to raise so much for the children! Those pumpkins are great! I'm not very good at carving. The hubby and Frankie do the carving. I end up being the one who cleans up. :(

Looks like you had a great time!

Diary of an Eccentric

Some Kinda Wonderful said...

Lovely punkins. And one beautiful woman. VAVAVOOM!!!

I wonder if that is the surgeon who did my sis-in-laws back surgery? I'll have to ask her what her docs name was. She had it done in El Paso.