Saturday, January 3, 2009

Let there be drums and other Christmas fun.

I have had to put off posting about our trip to Flower Mound because I left my SD card at the kids house. They were kind enough to send it back to me so I can post about them.

Disclaimer: I love all of you dearly but you know me.....

My poor Matty was so sick when we arrived.
Bronchitis and pink eye.

Katie playing with her sickly bro....

My sons at Gaylord Ice...
No really they are not that fat...It's the coats..

The good people that went to church Christmas Eve.
Notice who is not there.


Oh boy!! Oh Boy!! I got my Wii Fit!!
Good thing someone gave them a Wii to go with it.

My eldest...Andy the teacher

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My DIL....Danielle
She is going to not like me for this one...
But I think she's purty!!!

My youngest...David
Who plays at being a dork but really isn't.


I got Davy another set of drums for his birthday which is 1 week before Christmas. Poor planning, a fact he never lets me forget. He wanted 2 sets so they could have drum wars. Notice who you will not see in any of these videos.

Mr. Serious and Blondie

The Musicians

The Kids


Some Kinda Wonderful said...

What fun! Thank you for sharing your Christmas with us, Pam. Your family is so beautiful. We would like them to take more pics of the lovely matriarch of the family so we can see your beautiful self more often. :)
Poor Matty, hope he's all better by now.

Judy said...

I really enjoyed hearing about your Christmas and seeing all the great pictures. That little guy sure does look like he feels so bad. My grandson also had pinkeye and a very bad cold during Christmas. Thanks for sharing.

Mr. Mike said...

It's great to see a nice traditional family Christmas. The drum wars looked like fun. Thanks for sharing!

waxmaniac said...

CAPTION CORRECTION: My youngest plays at being a dork because he IS a dork!!!

snowy said...

Looks like you all had a great time. Was that a big golden dog lying amongst all the presents? If so, that's one mellow pooch!

pamwax said...

That was indeed a large yellow dog in the midst of all the gifts. She is no longer a youngster so like a lot of old ladies is not very active.

Arsenette said...

Oh that looked like fun!!! Thanks for sharing :D LOL I see you use the Elsie trick.. TAKE the pictures.. so you won't get any of you.. Good job :D Still it would be cool to see recent pics :)

Anna said...

I'm so glad you had a wonderful Christmas! Thanks for sharing the pics.

Jeannie said...

Very nice Christmas, Pam. All of my other comments I will put in an email. ;)

Jeannie said...

Just noticed your Wii stats. I'm not going to be quite as detailed, but I did exercise for 54 minutes this morning. I'll probably do some jogging and balancing exercises tonight. I'm so close to finishing the one where you're in a bubble and you move along the river to the finish line. It's killing me that I haven't completed the course yet!!!

Some Kinda Wonderful said...

Oh! That just bites it! I GOTTA get me one a those things! I DO NOT enjoy being out of loop like this. Especially when it all sounds like such good fun!

Jeannie said...

It is sooo much fun, SKW. Please get one. Pam sent me her and Neil's Miis and I really like how they're always there to cheer me on. Pam's Mii is especially good at the step aerobics. :D

pamwax said...

Jeannie you can tell Mike that I enjoyed dancing with him today. He did very well.