Friday, August 31, 2007

Sweat Hogs

Today Neil and I decided to help out our oldest Andy. Andy lives with his beloved Husky, Ella. Ella the sweet thing sheds more then any dog I have ever seen. All of his friends are meeting at his house for their fantasy football draft this weekend. So because I love housework soooo much, I took my new Dyson to his house. I love my Dyson and if you have a shedding dog, I highly recommend it. Now his friends can come to his house without leaving with a husky coat. While I was doing the vacuuming Neil, kind Dad that he is, was mowing the yard. Andy is a great kid and works very hard. He teaches full time and is working on a master’s degree in math. As a result between grading papers and doing his homework he doesn’t have a lot of time for housework.

What he doesn’t realize is that I am setting him up. When I am so old I can’t vacuum he’ll feel the need to do it for me. LOL


David said...

Hmmm, I thought that you had two sons. Seems strange that you would spend all that time cleaning one son's house, and do nothing for your other son. Maybe you need to read some parenting books.

pamwax said...

You know you are one of my favorite sons. After all you do have the Grandkids. If you would move back to El Paso, I would Dyson your house. Once!!