Friday, August 31, 2007


I have to thank all the wonderful people I have met at the Makoto Nagano Unofficial Fan Site. Not all the people I know understand why I find Sasuke and especially Nagano-san so inspiring. First of all Nagano-san is absolutely gorgeous and his performances are awesome. My opinion is if you are female and are not affected in some way by Nagano-san then you must be dead.

Anyway to all my fellow Nagano Fans especially Bunny, thank for sharing my obsession.


Jeannie said...

Granted, I do think that Nagano-san is extremely handsome. But besides his physical appearance (oh yeah!!), I think what makes Nagano-san so attractive is that he's both confident and shy at the same time. Call it humility, I guess.

But anyone that has watched Nagano-san knows that he's more than mere eye-candy. He really seems like a nice guy.

P.S. One time KarnoDal mentioned trying out for Sasuke and inviting us to attend. I thought, "Gee, poor Nagano-san!" The announcer would call his name, and scores of American women would come running down from the stand and begin chasing him through the course. Well...that actually might be a good thing. Nagano-san would definitely break his current speed record! :-)

pamwax said...

Think how poor shy Nagano-san would react when all these crazy Americans stood up in the stands and yelled "We love you".

Jeannie said...

Ha ha- I'd have this "I love you" flashing sign along with fireworks and a parade!

pamwax said...

That would work and you of course would have to teach us how to say I love you in Japanese

Jeannie said...

Um...Konpira could probably answer this better than me, but how about, "aishiteru" (ah-ee-she-tay-roo). A better choice might be "suki yo" (soo-key-yoh).

I like "sekushii dane" (seh-koo-she-ee dah-nay). That means, "You're sexy." A neon sign saying that would be great!

Well, enough Japanese for tonight. Thanks for letting me practice.