Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Can you believe he said this:

Today , while reading the paper, I came across an article about Mexican President Felipe Calderon. He states "Mexico does not stop at it's border". He takes issue with the way undocumented (illegal) immigrants are being treated in this country. As someone who lives on the border and deals with the consequences of this immigration, I say to Mr Calderon, you take care of your people. If you would do something for the poor of Mexico, they wouldn't have to leave home. Until you are willing to care for the citizens of Mexico don't criticize the way the US handles the situation. WE do more for them than you do. Also El Paso's problems would not be as severe if we would stop granting US citizenship to every baby born in this country. In El Paso, mothers wait till they are in labor and then cross the border knowing they will not be turned away at our county hospital. Now the baby is a US citizen and is entitled to welfare. I feel this is a law that is outdated and should be changed. Citizenship should follow the citizenship of the mother

Other Items: My sister-in-law Michelle from Cleveland is upset I haven't mentioned her in my blog. Consider yourself mentioned,

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Jeannie said...

I agree that the current way the U.S. handles both legal and illegal immigration needs to change. Sorry for such a short post- that's about as political as I get. :-)

P.S. Hi Pamwax's sister-in-law, Michelle, from Cleveland!