Sunday, November 16, 2008

Our New Home

Well the search is over. No more looking for a motor home thank God. I worked all day cleaning our new home while Neil fixed things. Actually there was not alot for him to do. The big job will be putting the walls back where the belong. The previous owners moved the bedroom walls to make spaces for their drugs. Good news for us...they got caught. They were pretty stupid in their efforts. It wouldn't have taken a genius to figure out something was up.

We bought it at auction and got a fantastic price...about 1/3 of blue book. Since we spent less then we anticipated we have some money to do a few things to our baby. Also it needs a break job and we want to have the engine gone through. Now I will be comfy when we do outside auctions.

This was suppose to be a mobile office but we ended up getting something larger and nicer then we expected so we may even take it on the road. If you look out your window someday and see a Jamboree Searcher out front, it could be me.

This would be the typical American RV toilet.

My couch with a drink holder.

Neil's captain's chair.

The Kitchen.

The bedroom. Notice the black on the right, that is where the previous owners kept their stuff.


Anna said...

Congrats, Pam. It looks really nice. If you'd like to drive it out to see me, that would be great! ;)

Not sure if you got my email, but I wanted to make sure you know that I really appreciate the birthday card! Thanks so much!

pamwax said...

You are quite welcome Anna. I would like to travel the country and meet every one.

Panther said...

It looks awesome Pam. I'm glad you got it so cheap and it will be a nice project for Neil to fix up.

If you wanted to come visit me, you would get lost. I live way back in the subdivision and boy does it take forever to get to my home.

Glad you got your office.. Have fun with it.

Arsenette said...

Great job in getting one! Looks great too! Stupid druggies.. at least for once they got you something inexpensive. Was it hard to fix back up again?

pamwax said...

We haven't started putting the wall back. So far I have just cleaned the cooties out of it. Actually it is in remarkably good shape. After we get the wall fixed it will not look brand new but it will be OK for us.

Arsenette said...

Oh that's fantastic to hear!! Even better that you didn't have to gut the whole thing and can use it right away :) I guess that's ONE good thing about them trying ot hide it is that they didn't destroy the rest of it :)

Jeannie said...

From your emails, I had this pictured as needing a lot of work. I think it looks nice- just needs a little TLC inside. Congrats! Hope to see you driving up to my house real soon. :D

waxmaniac said...

And so by purchasing a house on wheels, my parents remove any lingering doubts as to whether or not they are indeed rednecks. I'm so proud.

pamwax said...

And that makes you my dear the son of a redneck. Love your little redneck.