Monday, January 19, 2009

Finally something I can Thank Bush For

Ignacio Ramos (left) and Jose Alonso Compean

Not that I didn't think they deserved punishment for trying to cover up the shooting but as with most El Paso residents, I did not think they deserved the long sentence they got. So thank you President Bush for making one of your last acts as president one of compassion and commuting their sentences.


Some Kinda Wonderful said...

My husband just called me from his office to say, "Finally! After 8 long years, Bush FINALLY does something I can agree with wholeheartedly!"

And I do too. This was one of those things that made me stop and think, "hey... this is STILL America, isn't it?" Thank God, somebody finally got it right. Amen.

Jeannie said...

Wow- these guys got PUNISHED for doing their jobs??? It's not like getting shot in the buttocks is "aiming to kill".

pamwax said...

Actually they were sentenced for covering up what they did and lying to Federal officials. But they got more time then drug pushers and violent criminals. I am so happy they are coming home and wondering why it won't be until March...why not tomorrow.

waxmaniac said...

And I quote a student of mine:
"The best thing about Bush leaving office is that Obama prefers the soft texture of Charmin to that of the Constitution."

Judy said...

I agree this is something that certainly needed to be done before he left the office. It was way too much for the crime.