Thursday, February 19, 2009

Robot Phase II

We have spent the last several weeks trying to help Andy and his students build their robot. It has not always been easy. Most of these young people have never used a screw driver let alone a power saw. They did learn fast though and Neil, to his credit, had to learn patients. His idea is measure once and drill. These brilliant youngsters measure several times and then drill. Of course that means there are fewer mistakes. Neil and I hung a shelf the other day and ended up making 3 holes because we measured once. Never too old to learn.

Computer problems were a set back and we had trouble finding someone who could help these kids with complicated computer programing. My daughter-in-law came up with a name a couple of weeks ago. I could kick myself for not thinking of Dave 6 weeks ago. I chalk it up to old brain disease. I think it has been decided that the drive station is bad and can be replaced when they get to Dallas. Without the drive station they have no control over the robot's movements.

Andy and his students will leave for Dallas on March 11th and we will follow them in our RV. I am looking forward to watching the competition. After the competition Neil, Andy and I will stay on to visit with the Grandkids.

Bare bones.

We now have electronics.

Final prep on the crate for shipping

Dave the computer whiz. He grew up with my David
and he is indeed a computer whiz. Next year we will call
him earlier.

Team leaders working on the wiring.

The expert with a screwdriver.

I can cut anything.

So can I....

Andy puts in his 2 cents worth.

Dave looks a little perplexed. Come on Dave we
know you can do it.

Almost finished. MECHS means
Mission Early College High School

I will get pictures of the final product when we go to Dallas. It has been so much fun working with these young people who I might add are for the most part smarter then me. Some of them will have their 2 year Associates Degree from El Paso Community College before they graduate from high school. The local university has made allowances for them to start taking college classes before the graduate high school. Now that impresses the heck out of me.


Some Kinda Wonderful said...

Superduper post, Pam! These kids are really impressive. So are you and Mr. Pam :) (and Son of Pam, also, I really admire teachers, especially good ones)
Can't wait to see the pics from the competition. I wonder if Discovery Channel or Science Channel will show any of it? They sometimes do show the kids doing these kinds of competitions. That would be way cool.

waxmaniac said...

I'm so glad that stupid robot is gone! That thing stole 6 weeks of my life! I tried to bribe the FedEx guy to drive it into a ravine, but no such luck.

pamwax said...

Oh come on Andy you know you loved every minute you got to spend with the old folks and the kids. We still have Dallas to get through.